25 Best Fruit Salads for Easter

Last updated on March 21, 2023

Best Fruit Salads for Easter

Easter is a wonderful time to host and enjoy time with loved ones.

Whether you're hosting brunch or looking for a light and refreshing dessert, a fruit salad is always a crowd-pleaser. 

In this article, we'll mention the best fruit salads for Easter.

From classic combinations to creative twists, we've got you covered to satisfy and impress your guests.

Top 25 Fruit Salads for Easter

  1. Easy 3 Ingredient Fruit Salad

The 3-ingredient fruit salad is a time saver for Easter. It is colorful and complements the spread on the table. 

  1. Vanilla Fruit Salad

The vanilla fruit salad is a light crowd pleaser in any event. It can be prepared the day before and left overnight for the taste to marry.

  1. Dragon Fruit Salad

The dragon fruit salad is simple to prepare using fresh fruits and no dressing. It looks and tastes heavenly thanks to the mint leaves topping. 

  1. Fruit Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

The fruit salad with poppyseed dressing is perfect for Easter hosting. It combines fresh fruits to create a tart and sweet dish.

  1. Easy Fruit Salad

The easy fruit salad is creamy and great for the easter spread. It can be prepared using a fruit box from the store to save time.

  1. Fruit Salad for Easter Sunday

This fruit salad for Easter Sunday is fresh and a treat to prepare. It is creamy and great for both adults and kids. 

  1. Easter Fruit Salad

The Easter fruit salad is a great dish with a simple yet delicious dressing that makes the salad pop. 

  1. Easter Fruit Salad

This Easter fruit salad by Lori is sweetened and served in little jars or bowls to elevate your table display. 

  1. Fresh Vanilla Fruit Salad

The fresh vanilla fruit salad is a fun dish that can be adjusted to suit the Easter holiday. It uses delicious, fresh, and colorful fruits.

  1. Fruit Salad in a Pineapple Boat

This fruit salad in a pineapple boat not only looks good but tastes phenomenal. 

  1. Fresh Fruit Salad

The fresh fruit salad brings a refreshing taste. It provides an option for whipped cream or creamy salad with a dressing.

  1. Fruit Salad with Sweet Lime Dressing

The fruit salad takes about 15 minutes to prepare. It is vibrant with a simple lime dressing to enhance the flavors.  

  1. Purple Fruit Salad

The purple fruit salad combines juicy purple fruits to bring a refreshing dish to the Easter celebrations. 

  1. Fruit Salad

This simple fruit salad by Makinze is an elevated classic summer salad. It uses fresh fruits with a sweet and tart dressing.

  1. Fruit Salad with Honey Dressing

The fruit salad with honey dressing is natural yet elegant. It requires a cook time of about 15 minutes. 

  1. Sangria Fruit Salad

The sangria fruit salad is a good choice to spice up your easter dishes. It also allows the substitution of rose wine for non-alcoholic.  

  1. Honey Lime Fruit Salad

The honey lime fruit salad is a mixture of juicy seasonal fruits to create a perfect dish for Easter. 

  1. Pudding Fruit Salad

The pudding fruit salad is a variation of the ambrosia fruit salad. It is classic, refreshing, and sweet.

  1. Mojito Fruit Salad

The mojito fruit salad is a good option for a holiday kick. It contains fresh fruits, a tart dressing, and rum for the kick. 

  1. Fresh Fruit Salad with Lime-Honey Dressing

The fresh fruit salad requires an assortment of fruits. It works great as a snack or breakfast option. 

  1. Ambrosia Salad

The ambrosia salad provides tropical sweetness as a simple side dish for the Easter celebration. It combines tropical fruits for diverse tastes and textures. 

  1. Grilled Fruit Salad Recipe

The grilled fruit salad adds a great twist to the fruits. The fruits are grilled to create charred fruits for more flavor. 

  1. Fruit Salad Recipe

This fruit salad recipe by Lauren contains tasty fresh fruits topped with a simple syrup as dressing. 

  1. Layered Fruit Salad

The layered fruit salad provides a light dish or dessert for the Easter holiday brunch. 

  1. Heavenly Fruit Salad

The heavenly fruit salad is an excellent dessert. It is a creamy dish packed with fruits for both kids and adults. 


A fruit salad is a perfect addition to the Easter celebration. 

With a variety of fruits in the spring season, you can create simple, light, and delicious dishes and desserts. 

By using fresh fruits and adding a few special touches, you can turn a simple fruit salad into an amazing dish that will leave your guests wanting more. 

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